Rainbow vacuum in St. Petersburg.

We are happy to welcome you on the website of the official supplier of the Rainbow vacuum in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Being unique and unparalleled system, the Rainbow E2 combines multiple functions of filtering, flavoring, and deep air-cleaning. Providing the highest quality of cleaning, it gives you a real opportunity to get rid of all dust and small particles in your house.

The new model, available for sale from October 2011 combines all the latest developments of the developer’s specialists. That’s why Rainbow is the best vacuum cleaner of all currently existing models.

Vacuum Cleaner Rainbow is the world’s only vacuum certified as air-cleaner. Achieving such a result was made possible by combining of 3 effective stages of cleaning — separator,  aqua-filter and HEPA filter.

The first stage of the process is the unique, patented separator which separates dust particles from the air due to cyclical rotation and dissolution in water. Aqua-filter, which is the second stage, provides a high level of refinement and can hold most of the pollution inside. The perfection of the process finally achieved through the HEPA filter, H14, which increases the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner to 99.997%.

Rainbow — the best vacuum with aqua-filter.

Choosing Rainbow you choose not only accurate and quality brand, but also a life that is free of dust associated problems. You choose health and clean air in the house. Call now and book a free demonstration of the vacuum cleaner Rainbow E2 black — an opportunity to make sure that the Rainbow is not just a good vacuum cleaner with aqua-filter, but the best vacuum cleaner on the market today.

Rainbow — the only and the one.

It is remarkable that people, who prefer quality choose only Rainbow E2. Of course, some other vacuums may cost less, but cant be better. That is why so many consumers have already made their choice and were able to appreciate the new system in E2 action.

We invite you to join them — and evaluate the advantages of Rainbow — the unique air-purification  system. Call us — dealer in St. Petersburg, Russia and order free demonstration:

+7 (812) 719-66-97 — Rainbow distribution. Mon-Fri 11:00-18:00

+7(812) 273-50-47 — Service and maintenance. Mon-Fri 11:00-18:00

Call now and find out all about the new Rainbow E2 black.

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